General Gifts

General Gifts

Basic Spirit designs and creates products that touch the heart and delight the spirit. All of their pewter is handcrafted in their seaside studio in Pugwash, Nova Scotia.  10% of profits are allocated to philanthropic projects such as tree planting, land preservation, and building schools. 
(territories- SE, WEST- excludes WA)
Birchwood, an elite purveyor of textiles, travels the globe sourcing the world’s finest products and brings them home to you.  The focus on style and luxury will tempt you to indulge and enjoy more than one.
Applesauce offers a complete assortment of nursery essentials for parents wanting only the best for their little ones. They specialize in endearing gifts that will become every child’s precious keepsake. All adorable collections ranging from bold and playful to traditional and classic are made ready for any nursery. Each product is lovingly designed with quality and comfort in mind. 
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Boston International is the exclusive distributor of the highest quality eco-friendly German paper linen and tabletop accessory line- Ideal Home Range® (IHR). Most recently, expanding to include their brand of giftware with products of superior quality that celebrate the home. This range partners with artists including – The Rosanne Beck Collection, Kate Nelligan, Anne Taintor, Marimekko, and Pourtions.  Boston international has a unique offering of one of a kind greeting cards.  The range of partners include santoro graphic Swing cards, Special delivery 3D cards and My Design music box cards. Journals, pens and box notes from The Metropolitan Museum of fine arts helps create a great stationery offering.

(territories – SE, SW, MINK (excludes KY, IA, NM)

Colder drinks are better. The Bottlekeeper is an insulated bottle that you place your beer bottle inside of to keep it colder and carbonated for a longer period of time. It also has the added benefit of protecting your beer and preventing a mess of broken glass when you commit a party foul and drop your beer. Also available are the CanKeeper and PintKeeper.

(territories – SE, SW, MINK, MIDA, WEST)

Calla Products is dedicated to bringing a wide range of innovative products that are both functional and stylish with a touch of ruggedness. Calla prides themselves on providing quality products at an exceptional value including, Nufoot Futsole footwear, the Topsy Turvy inverse opening umbrellas, Day Packs with anti-theft features and wireless phone chargers. Latest product additions include popular PPE items; face masks, face mask support hats and more!

(territories – WEST (excludes WA)


Willow Street Designs by DEI is a top manufacturer in the gift and home industry and best known for bright, colorful designs accompanied by exceptional quality and value.  DEI offers an extensive line of products twice a year with a focus on current trends with strong merchandising themes in the categories of holiday, summer, everyday style, and home decor.

(territories – WEST (excludes WA)

Dickson’s mission is to create biblically based gifts to improve the lives of people everywhere. Product offering includes decorative wall accessories, table top gifts, book and bible accessories, jewelry, home decor, and more.

(territories – SE)

A solution for creating alkaline water on-the-go while keeping your water cold up to 24 hours.

(territories- SE, MIDA, SW, MINK, WEST)

Fire & Pine offers one-of-a-kind, 100% American-made burnt wooden maps, patents and home decor, uniquely designed by their team. They offer current and historical maps curated from all over the country, as well as custom designs.

(territories- SE, SW, MINK, MIDA, WEST)

The most unique and enjoyable gifts imaginable.

(territories – SW, MINK)


Perfect everyday gifts to celebrate that special bride, new baby, girlfriend, grandma or just about anyone.

(territories – WEST)


Expansive line of puzzles ranging from 24 to 2000 pieces and made 100% in the USA out of recycled cardboard and printed with soy inks. Durable, double-thick chipboard and fully interlocking pieces assure that you are getting the best quality puzzle on the market.  Featuring fifteen licenses, including the witty New Yorker, Harry Potter, vintage Babar and classic Peter Rabbit, just to name a few.

(territories – SE, SW)

Mint tins, candy bags and chocolate bars that can be customized with your own designs or stock art. Name drop is available on most stock art. Most candy is Kosher Certified and all is delicious.

(territories – WEST(excludes WA) 

Gifts to help you spread inspiration, kindness, joy and laughs. Made in the USA.

(territories – SE)

Pearhead creates genuine, quality products to celebrate your special moments in life. The unique and personalized gifts and keepsakes are perfect for baby’s special moments…. And for Rover the dog’s special moments too.

(territories – SE, MIDA)


Peking Handicraft is a global manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in home textiles, decorative accessories and gift items. Many products consist of art from renowned designer collections as well as exciting designs from their own in-house design studio. Both are trend right and of exceptional quality and value.

(territories – SE )

In 1990, Chet and Lenita Thompson began picking and pressing flowers in the deserts of Arizona and the mountains of central Utah. For 25 years their flowers have been artfully hand-crafted and designed into one of a kind bookmarks, glass magnets, and utilized for custom invitations and craft projects. Petal Lane Gifts continues to design and create natural gifts and souvenirs.

(territories – SE, MIDA, SW, WEST)

Spacesuit technology for every adventure and every device. Climate-proof. SInk-proof. Drop-proof.

(territories – SE, MIDA, SW, MINK, WEST)

Primitives by Kathy, Inc. is the wholesaler of choice for businesses of all types seeking home décor and gift items that are ahead of the market, uniquely designed and attractively priced. Best know for box signs and wall sayings, they strive to surpass customers’ expectations with quality products, ease of service and on-time delivery.

(territories – SE, SW)

Shannon Martin Design gifts, combine funny, vintage photos (in sepia tones) with witty sayings.

(territories – SE, SW, MINK (excludes NE, IA), WEST)

SNIFTY products are designed to make even the most mundane tasks a little bit more fun. Their scented pen and pencil factory is located right here in the USA! Just think of them as the Willy Wonka of writing. They also offer custom design and development so you can get creative and have some fun.

(territories – SE (excludes KY), SW, MINK, WEST (excludes WA)

A southern-inspired design studio and gift business located in Nashville, TN. Their mission is to keep historic southern says and old farm tales alive through fun, modern design. Their products are a tool to educate on southern history, but also functional, whether it be a kitchen towel or a greeting card. Other popular items include t-shirts, pouches, hats and stationery products.

(territories – SE, SW, MIDA)

Add your own personality to reusable water bottles, laptop covers, cars and all types of gear. Stickers NW name drop program makes it easy to show pride in your area by including your city, town, state or even a local slogan on any of their designs.

(territories – SE, SW, MINK, WEST, excludes WA, HI)

Stojo makes ultra-portable, reusable, and collapsible products that are a sustainable and convenient alternative to single-use plastics. With earth-conscious products that bring more to life than what they take away, they make “doing your part” a little easier—and better looking. 

(territories – SW, SE, MINK, MIDA, WEST)

Often being referred to as an “idea machine” by her husband, owner and creator Elsa Vos knew she needed to create a space to let these ideas flourish and come to life. Growing up in a family of all girls, her mom would often be heard saying “that’s so darling,” so naturally, that’s where she found her inspiration! Regardless of what product is developed next by the Darling Effect, you’ll be sure to find yourself thinking, “Oh my gosh, that’s absolutely darling!” From drab to fab, they take your favorite things to new heights and create beautiful experiences one new launch at a time.

(territories – SE, SW, MINK, WEST)


Time Concept is one of the Japan’s leading design and distribution companies in the gift industry. Time Concept, Inc. is engaged in the distribution of a wide array of products including, but not limited to, stationery, toys, and home furnishings.

(territories – SW, MINK (excludes NE, IA)

The origins of the Unemployed Philosophers Guild are shrouded in mystery. Some accounts trace the Guild’s birth to Athens in the latter half of the 4th century BCE. More recently, revisionist historians have pinpointed the birth of the Guild to two Brooklyn brothers who turned their inner creativity and love of paying rent towards fulfilling the people’s needs for finger puppets, warm slippers, coffee cups, and cracking up at stuff. Today the Guild continues to make thoughtful gifts for thinking people that will make every customer laugh.

(territories- SE)

Vintage Life trucker hats are the cutest hats around!  All of hats are designed and assembled here in the USA. 

(territories- MIDA, SW, MINK)

Welly Bottle is an insulated and infusing bamboo water bottle that gives clean water to people in need. Each bottle includes a removable infuser for naturally flavoring your water or brewing coffee and tea on the go. For every bottle sold, Welly donates $1 toward the creation of sustainable, clean water projects.

(territories – SW, MINK, WEST)

Bringing laughter and kind words into your day through a collection of fun gift products.

(territories – WEST)

Zootility Tools™ makes products for the urban scout and outdoor adventurer in all of us. All multi-tools are American-made, stainless steel.

(territories – SE, SW (excludes NM), MIDA, WEST)