Jewelry & Fashion Accessories

Jewelry & Fashion Accessories

High quality fashion that’s stylish, comfortable, and accessible for all. Your source for on-trend, high quality fashion accessories with incredible value.  Amanda Blu produces products that exceed customer’s quality, value and design expectations.

(territories – WEST (excludes WA)

Launched in 2013 with a patented no-slip headband and a desire to give back, BANDED offers a full assortment of high-quality, fashionable hair accessories for the BANDED WOMAN + capsule collections for Baby and Girl. Their mission is to create great product while serving a greater purpose. BANDED is proud to have provided more than 13.2 million meals through their 1=3 giveback program. For every 1 product sold, BANDED provides a full day’s worth of meals for a child in need. 1 BANDED product = 3 meals served. It’s that simple

(territories – SW)

Calla Products is dedicated to bringing a wide range of innovative products that are both functional and stylish with a touch of ruggedness. Calla prides themselves on providing quality products at an exceptional value including, Nufoot, Futsole footwear, the Topsy Turvy inverse opening umbrellas and Day Packs with anti-theft features and wireless phone chargers. Latest product additions include popular PPE items: face masks, face mask support hats and more!

(territories – WEST (excludes WA)

Born out of a love for travel, Chloe and Lex is an inspiring collection of urban adventure vintage style handbags, throws and accessories. Known for their large, carry-all totes and bright colorful patterns, it’s hard not to fall in love at first sight. At a reasonable price-point and wide selection, Chloe and Lex has something for every taste and style.

(territories – WEST (excludes WA)


Dickson’s mission is to create biblically based gifts to improve the lives of people everywhere. Product offering includes decorative wall accessories, table top gifts, book and bible accessories, jewelry, home decor, and more.

(territories – SE)

Put up your feet and relax. Faceplant Dreams offers everything you need to get cozy and relax. They believe that the comfort and experience you give yourself before you “faceplant” into your pillow, inspires your dreams. From luxurious bamboo loungewear to comfy slippers and cotton jammies, because true comfort NEVER goes out of style.

(territories – WEST)

A leader in the jewelry and fashion industry for the past 67 years, Howard’s continues to be a family owned – 3rd generation supplier, providing today’s top trends in jewelry, accessories and apparel offering a lifetime of value at an incredible price point

(territories – SW (TX, OK, LA, AR only) and KS

I Heart Eyewear is a major player in the retail sector for readers, bifocal sunglasses, sunglasses, make-up readers, chains, and other optical accessories. It is the sister company of Ron’s Optical and has earned a reputation of quality products, excellent customer service and diverse styling.

(territories – WEST (excludes WA)


Lotus Jewelry Studio- Lotus Jewelry Studio creates fashion forward jewelry handcrafted with care in the USA. Using the finest materials including semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and 14k gold filled, they bring their designs to you at an affordable price.

(territories – SW, MINK)


Multi-generation family-owned, Texas based jewelry company. Jewelry is very diverse using mixed metals, gemstones, and pearls.

(territories- SE, MIDA, SW, MINK, excludes NM)


Mahogany USA is a textile company offering a beautiful range of Victorian-styled 100% cotton women’s sleepwear. Discover a world of beautiful colors and textures. They take great pride in their commitment to customer service and in the products they sell.

(territories- SW, MINK, WEST)

Ethical gifts, jewelry, and home decor handcrafted with love from India.

(territories- SE, MIDA excludes MD)

My Favorite Things is designed and primarily handmade in California.  They are the perfect everyday gifts to celebrate that special bride, new baby, girlfriend, grandma or just about anyone!

(territories – WEST)

Pieces of Me designs meaningful jewelry to embrace the value and self-worth found in every beautifully unique personality.

(Territories –  SE, SW, MINK, MIDA (WV only)

Whimsical accessories designed to be a fun way to express your personality and more importantly make you feel beautiful!

(territories – SE, SW, MINK)


A design driven brand featuring a wide variety of functional head wear and accessories for Women, Men, and Kids. A passion for world travel and an enduring love for hats led to the creation of the San Diego Hat Company during a trip to Bali, Indonesia in 1993. Initially based out of a San Diego garage, the founders’ dreams of bringing together design, material, and craftsmanship led to their new facility located in Carlsbad, CA, with worldwide distribution at major department stores and more than 3,000 boutiques. Over the years their company’s original focus has not changed: to provide customers with their FAVORITE head wear and accessories each season. 

(territories – SW, MINK)

A southern-inspired design studio and gift business located in Nashville, TN. Their mission is to keep historic southern says and old farm tales alive through fun, modern design. Their products are a tool to educate on southern history, but also functional, whether it be a kitchen towel or a greeting card. Other popular items include t-shirts, pouches, hats and stationery products.

(territories – SE, SW, MIDA)

Simple and sweet with a touch of sparkle. Jewelry for every day and every woman. They offer an affordable jewelry, clothing and accessory line that allows their customers to feel fabulous and make a statement.

(territories – SE, MIDA, SW, MINK, WEST (excludes WA)

Globally recognized leader in reading eyewear and sunglasses. ICU Eyewear designs have revolutionized the reading glass industry with fun styles, bright colors and unique patterns at affordable prices for the everyday customer.

(territories – SE, WV, SW)


Studio S Designs jewelry is made from a very lightweight maple wood that is hand-painted. Each piece is then cut into the desired shape. Every pair is unique depending on where the painted wood is cut. Other materials such as acrylic, leather and metals may be used in their designs and all findings are gold plated and nickel free.

(territories – SE, MIDA, SW, MINK, WEST)


Vibe jewels are a creative journey thru today’s colorful and fun-filled fashion trends. Each collection is instinctively designed to enable today’s gal to accessorize with individuality and personality. As always…..”Inspiring others….one good Vibe at a time!”

(territories- SW, MINK, WEST)

Vintage Life trucker hats are the cutest hats around!  All of hats are designed and assembled here in the USA. 

(territories- MIDA, SW, MINK)