Using Candles to Create the Perfect Ambiance


Creating a cozy home ambiance can turn an average room into a comfortable den of relaxation, romance, or even joy. And flickering candles are a quick and easy way to turn up the charm in any room and at any time. Not only are candles beautiful, but you can change out the scent and look in order to update your style. 

So often we don’t consider the variety of options, styles, and scents that candles give us. Combining these factors into our homes can feel daunting and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! We’re here to show you how to master the art of candles in creating a unique ambiance in your home.  

Significance of Candles

You may have heard of the Danish concept of hygge in recent years. In essence, it’s anything that creates feelings of coziness, connectedness, and comfort. For Danes, candles are an integral part of hygge, which is why they use the most candles per capita in the world. 

It makes a lot of sense when you think of the dark, cold winters of Scandinavia. Before electricity and lightbulbs, candles, lamps, and fires were the only source of light in the home. This was true for the United States, as well.

There is something primal about a flickering light. Candles can add warmth, a feeling of security, and even can be used in spiritual rituals. When considering the overall feeling of a room, candles can be simple and effective at creating an atmosphere that reflects your personality. 

The scent of candles also goes a long way in creating ambiance in your home. Research shows that the sense of smell and emotion are much more closely intertwined than previously believed. If you can think about a smell that makes you happy, you know exactly what we mean. 

How to Use Candles to Create Ambiance

Creating ambiance with candles is easier than you might think! Read on for our ideas to create this feeling in your home. 

1. Group Candles Together

When it comes to candles, sometimes more is better. While you don’t have to line every surface, adding a few small clusters around a room will introduce more light. This light then helps a room feel more welcoming and inviting. 

If you’re worried about small children or pets around open flames, consider a flameless LED, such as Sullivans Candle Expressions. These mimic the look of real candles without the worry about leaving them burning or getting knocked over. 

2. Think About Scents

As already mentioned, the sense of smell and emotions have a strong connection. Think about the overall feeling you want to have, or want others to have when walking into your home. Then, pick a scented candle that reflects that. 

For example, a home office may benefit from candles that smell like peppermint or cinnamon. Not only can these smells help boost productivity, but they can also help boost energy and mental clarity. 

A bedroom can be more relaxing with lavender or vanilla scented candles. Or combine both for a more layered experience with more scent depth. These same scents work well for a bath, as well. 

Vanilla can also be combined with rose, jasmine, or sandalwood to help boost the romance factor in the bedroom. Candles from the Creative Energy Candle Company use all-natural products that melt to create a lotion for your skin, which can help boost connection and luxury in romantic settings. 

Bathrooms can benefit from clean scents that help the space feel pristine. Citrus scents like lemon or grapefruit, eucalyptus, or even lavender scents candles can help any bathroom feel like a spa.

Humans also often associate certain smells with colors, which can add to the overall look and feel of any room by introducing a compatible scent. If your living room is a calm, blue oasis, find a harmonious scent such as linen or a water-inspired candle. 

No matter what scent or feeling you want to achieve, you can be sure to find something that fits from Four Points Trading. This company understands the connection between scent and memory and creates quality candles to help capture the senses. 

3. Consider Your Health

Unfortunately, not all candles are created equal. Many of the cheapest candles you can buy are made with paraffin. While this material is cheap, it does have its risks, such as emitting carcinogens and other toxic materials. 

Instead, make sure that the candles you’re burning are made of natural, environmentally responsible materials. Look for candles made of soy or beeswax for a healthier alternative. 

If scents are a concern for you or any loved ones, unscented candles are still a great option. They still create a warm and cozy ambiance that you can enjoy. 

4. Change It Up

Don’t forget to take some risks and change up the style and scents in your rooms. This can be by season, such as winter versus summer, or even by your mood. Choose beautiful candles that add to the overall look of your home and its rooms. 

Your rooms can look more elegant and expensive when you select candles from the Chandler Candle Company. Not only do they use all-natural ingredients and high-quality scents, but their package will immediately elevate any room in your home. 

Achieve Instant Ambiance

Don’t forget that adding a few candles around your home can create coziness, warmth, and even help give you an emotional boost. Their brightness not only makes us feel that there is light in the dark, but also that taking time to craft a specific ambiance in your home will be a gift to yourself. 

If you’d like to learn more about the various candles and products that we offer, contact us to hear more! And please remember to reach out with any questions you may have!